The music of STEVE CLARK from The Eighties

On 1st June 2018 UMC (Universal Music) will release the first Def Leppard Collectors Box Set, which contains the original works of Def Leppard from their 1979 E.P. through to 1987’s Hysteria.

For many old-school fans this set represents the original classic Def Leppard era featuring original guitarists and founding members Pete Willis and Steve Clark.

It will be the first time since their original release dates that fans shall be treated to re-mastered versions of On Through The Night and High ‘n’ Dry.

The set is being released on two formats: Vinyl and Compact Disc. Other highlights include a re-mastered issue of the original E.P.; a live album of the Los Angeles Forum show from the Pyromania tour in 1983 and a rarities album.

More details can be found via the following link and it’s available for pre-order now!

Def Leppard Collectors Box Vinyl CD Volume1