Anniversary 27 – The Day The Music Died

8th January 2018

Steve Clark with Gibson Les Paul Custom

Here we are at the 8th January once more, without our beloved guitar hero Steve Clark.

The Anniversary Page has been launched again, as we mark the 27th year of Steve’s untimely passing. There’s never a day that passes where he doesn’t cross my mind at some point. At this time of year, he lingers in one’s thoughts for a bit longer than usual.

By visiting the Anniversary Page you can pause for your own moment of reflection, read the heartfelt message and comments from others and you can also listen to the great  “Song And Emotion” by TESLA, a fitting and emotional tribute to a fine man. The song won’t play automatically. You will need to click on the “play” button on the audio player within the page.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and memories via the social media network.

Thanks for visiting.

Steve, you are hugely missed and loved as always.

(Photo copyright: Bill Hale)