A selection of excerpts from various guitar and music magazines about Steve’s guitars and equipment.

Steve, do you have your wall of guitars yet?

Steve: “Not yet. I’m using the same Les Paul as I did on the ’81 tour. It’s a straight Gibson guitar. My other Les Paul is an XR-1. It’s got a coil splitter or something on it. I’ve never seen one in a shop, or on stage. My taste in guitars is getting more varied. I have a Baby Hamer and a double-neck which they made for me. On this tour I’m using two 50 watt Marshalls that have been converted to 100 watts, and two straight 100 watt Marshalls. One of the 50’s is driving two cabinets in the backline. One is driving a 4×12” at the side of the stage which I use for feedback and sustain solos. I have three different effects; a Boss Chorus and Delay and a Morley Preamp Booster.

~ Guitar For The Practicing Musician 1983.

Steve: “I endorse Gibson now. They made a lot of changes for me. I have two brand new Les Pauls with Kahlers. I feel more relaxed about playing now, so Gibson made me some coil taps so when I press the volume control the pickups split. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing that before. I’m also using Firebirds, which have weaker pickups for songs like Too Late For Love and Love And Affection. It’s a compromise between a Strat and a Les Paul. It’s got that bite to it but more warmth than a Strat. Gibson made me one which has the treble volume control push pot for splitting the coils.”

~ Guitar For The Practicing Musician 1988.

Steve Clark 1987
Steve Clark 1988

Guitars: Of around 30 axes, Steve has 9 on tour with him, mostly Gibsons: 2 Firebirds, a Heritage, 2 Les Paul Customs in black and white and 2 double-necks, with four more on order since he went to the Gibson Factory in Nashville. “I don’t like weird guitars – I’m a traditionalist,” he says. Since his very first one, a gift from his dad, was stolen from the recording studio, Steve’s oldest instrument is now a ’77 Les Paul.

~ Metal Edge 1988.

Gear: Gibson Les Paul Custom, Gibson Les Paul XR-1, Gibson Firebird, Marshall JCM heads through Marshall 4×12 cabinets, Randall heads through Randall 4×12 cabinets, BOSS Chorus and Delay, Morley Preamp Booster.

~ Guitar One 2001.