Booterstown, Dublin, Ireland, 1984

This photo appears in the book Fabulist Icons by Mike Rogers and I think it’s a particularly fascinating photo for the old Def Leppard fans because it captures a specific point in time in the history of the band.

It’s 1984 and the location is Booterstown, Dublin, Ireland and it’s the early Hysteria recording sessions where the band and some of the crew are heading out for a meal at one of their favourite restaurants. What’s unusual and/or rare about this image is that both Jim Steinman and Robert John “Mutt” Lange are in it. I’m doubtful that there are too many photos around that feature both of these guys in the same photo.

Def Leppard camp Dublin 1984

From Left-Right: Don Kettler, Joe Elliott, Steve Clark, Rick Savage, Jim Steinman, Mike Rogers, Phil Collen, Rick Allen, Mutt Lange

When I asked Mike about this photo he explained: “The tall fellow on the left is Don Kettler. He dealt with Steinman’s travel and business arrangements.

This may seem odd, Bev, but I have no detailed recollection of the band’s cars.

Steve had the silver Volvo for sure. [the front end of the car just visible on the right edge of the photo] Around this time Phil had a black Porsche 928S2 which he had purchased at the end of the Pyromania tour. [This is most likely the one that suffered a bit of storm damage due to a torrential hail storm one afternoon – see Animal Instinct]

Joe did have a Morgan sports car but changed this for a roomier ‘kit car’ type of sports car.”

Photo copyright: Una Williams Photography