Plus news of a possible On Through The Night live gig release from 1980!

Def Leppard announced on Friday 19th January that their entire back catalogue of music is now, at long last, available on all major streaming/download platforms including, iTunes, Amazon Prime and Spotify.

After a lengthy dispute with record label Universal Music Group who own the rights to the Steve Clark-era material,  the band have finally been able to announce that all their works are now available in digital format online.

This means that for the first time all of the Clark-era classics are now easily and readily accessible to the digital music fan.


Lead singer Joe Elliott had also spoken in a recent interview with Build on the discovery of some old material while going through the vaults in preparation for the digital back catalogue and dropped a hint about a possible new release from the On Through The Night era!

He explained: “We did discover a few little bits ‘n’ bobs. There’s a lot of things that aren’t up yet that will come out. We found a live recording that we did in Oxford at the new theatre on the British tour – the On Through The Night Tour, which we’d totally forgotten about. So, we’re having it transferred from – the tape’s all flaky – so we’re having it transferred into digital so we can get it mixed and see what it sounds like. I think it’d be good to put out a live recording that’s got Pete Willis and Steve Clark on it ’cause it’s just an era that’s not really been covered much other than two records.”

def leppard 1983

Joe ends this topic of discussion by suggesting it “would be interesting for the fans I suppose.”

Is he kidding?! This is the most exciting piece of news I have heard about Def Leppard since the 1980’s. This would be a long-overdue gem of a release for the original fans of the Willis and Clark-era and one can only hope that more gems like this emerge.

Hopefully it’ll be released on CD and vinyl formats as well as digital and if I may suggest that a Deluxe Edition of On Through The Night and High ‘n’ Dry with bonus goodies would be most welcome! High-Definition video footage from the 1980’s tours would also be a fine idea!