23rd April 2018  – Lorelei was kind enough to share on her Facebook page one of her treasured and personal memories of our much-loved and much-missed Steve.

Steve and Lorelei 1988

“On the glorious day God made Steve with a lot of help from his mom and dad. My heart feels the weight of the passing of time…even so, time means nothing. It feels like only yesterday this amazing soul was laughing and playing and joking around. This photo gives an example of the silliness we shared. We are in the back of a limo in San Francisco heading home from a gig on the Hysteria tour. The amazing photographer Ross Halfin captured our fun on one pixel…as always.

MUSIC HISTORY ALERT: I remember this night because John Fogerty came to the show with his son who was a Def Leppard fan. Steve, who was attuned” to Creedence Clearwater Revival”, was a huge Jon Fogerty fan. John Fogerty knew nothing about Def Leppard – only that his son loved them and so he got tickets and backstage to the show. Backstage after the show…Steve asked Fogerty for his autograph and asked him to dedicate it to “John”.

Later I asked Steve who John was? Steve said…” It’s really for me but I was too embarrassed to tell him that.” I still have that autograph written on a gold square cardboard coaster.

FASHION ALERT: I am wearing a Norma Kamali leopard print top, *note the padded shoulders of the 80’s – Steve is wearing a black leather Azzedine Alaia motorcycle jacket that I gave him one Christmas. It had padded shoulders too! Alaia passed away last year – and so I imagine they are designing rock wear together in heaven tee hee..I still have this jacket. But I removed the shoulder pads.

When I launch my own fashion line you will see the inspiration in the prints and patterns that flow from those good old days… designing clothes with Steve and how I dressed for him and on the road for the Hysteria shows.

Sending LOVE to all of us today whose lives were forever changed by the magical musical gifts of this rock icon songwriter, guitar player, and creator.

Blessings all around.

May your light shine forever my dear Maynard.

Love always, Lorelei.”

With special thanks to Lorelei.