The information on this page is compiled by “Hurricane Joe”, a musician who plays guitar and writes and records his own music and most importantly, is a dedicated and loyal fan of Steve “Steamin’” Clark. We do not claim any of the information on this page to be officially correct, but from Hurricane’s years of study on Steve and his music, we reckon it’s about pretty damn close.

Hi, my name is Joseph Scott aka “Hurricane Joe”. I have been a fan of Steve Clark ever since I saw the High N’ Dry videos back in 1982. Even though I couldn’t play guitar at the time, I always thought that Steve was a great player simply from what I was seeing on Bringin’ on the Heartbreak and Let It Go.

After I saw Steve live in 1987 New Year’s Eve in Tampa, Florida, I decided one day I would play guitar. That’s when I really began to study Steve’s style.

I will admit, if you just listen to Steve on album, sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish who plays what, the real light comes on when you see or hear the band live. When you get a soundboard recording, and you have one guitarist in one ear, and the other guitarist in the other ear, that’s when you learn the most.

You find a song that you know Steve plays the solo in, and then you listen more carefully to that ear to distinguish who plays what. Using that technique I was able to identify many of Steve’s solos. Use that a long with interviews, and then you start to get an appreciation for Steve’s style, and it becomes easier and easier to tell who’s who.

In the early days, Pete Willis especially used a wah wah pedal on almost all of his solos, Steve rarely used one, exceptions are It Don’t Matter and When the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down, – so usually when you hear a wah wah in the pre Phil Collen days, that’s Pete – everything else is Steve.

When it comes to Steve and Phil, it’s much clearer I think. Phil plays speedy triplets with more tremolo screams. Steve bends a lot more than Phil, with less tremolo. Those are guitar terms, but the more you listen to the different solos especially live, you will know what I mean.

I want to stress that live is the way to distinguish the styles, not necessarily studio work. Many times they use different guitars, play each others parts and do overdubs, which wouldn’t happen in a live setting. For instance, Pete Willis didn’t use the wah wah so pronounced on record; when he played live, that’s all you heard. Steve rarely played fast triplets on record, but live Steve was a much more flashier player. You need to listen to Def Leppard live to appreciate Steve’s style.


    Answer To The Master (demo) – 1st lick at musical break – Steve, 1st solo Steve, 2nd Pete
    Heat Street – Pete
    Medicine Man – Pete
    Good Morning Freedom – Pete
    Warchild – Pete
    See The Lights – Steve
    Glad I’m Alive – 1st solo Pete, 2nd Steve, 3rd Pete, 4th Steve
    Misty Dreamer – 1st solo Steve, 2nd Pete
    Beyond The Temple – 1st solo Steve, 2nd Sav on bass, 3rd Pete


    Ride Into The Sun – Pete

    Getcha Rocks Off – Steve

    Overture – 1st Steve, 2nd Steve, 3rd Pete, 4th Steve


    Rock Brigade – Pete
    Hello America – Steve
    Sorrow is A Woman – 1st Steve, 2nd Pete, 3rd duo
    It Could Be You – Pete
    Satellite – Pete main solo, Steve ride out lick after the last verse
    When The Walls Came Tumblin’ Down – Steve
    Wasted – Steve
    Rocks Off – Steve
    It Don’t Matter – Steve
    Answer To The Master – 1st Steve, 2nd Pete
    Overture – 1st solo Steve, 2nd Steve, 3rd Pete, 4th Steve


    Let It Go – Steve – main solo and solo at last chorus, ride out solo Pete
    Another Hit And Run – Steve main lead and 1st solo, 2nd solo Pete
    High “N’ Dry (Saturday Night) – Pete
    Bringin’ On The Heartbreak – Steve
    Switch 625 – Steve
    You Got Me Runnin’ – Steve
    Lady Strange – Steve
    On Through The Night – Steve
    Mirror Mirror (Look Into My Eyes) – Steve
    No No No – Pete
    Bringin’ On The Heartbreak (’84 remix) – Steve
    Me And My Wine (’84 remix) – Steve


    Rock! Rock! Till You Drop – Phil
    Photograph – Phil
    Stagefright – Phil
    Too Late For Love – Steve
    Die Hard The Hunter – Steve
    Foolin’ – Phil
    Rock Of Ages – Phil (Phil and Steve both play lead in the final verse)
    Comin’ Under Fire – Steve
    Action Not Words – Solo after second chorus Steve, main solo Phil
    Billy’s Got A Gun – Steve


    Women – Phil, Steve does a solo during the final chorus, then Phil again for the ride out
    Rocket – Phil and Steve
    Animal – Phil
    Love Bites – Steve
    Pour Some Sugar On Me – Steve and Phil, ride out – Steve
    Armageddon It – Steve main solo, ride out – Phil
    Gods Of War – Steve
    Don’t Shoot Shotgun – Steve
    Run Riot – Phil
    Hysteria – Steve and Phil, ride out – Steve
    Excitable – Steve and Phil
    Love And Affection – Phil main solo, ride out – Steve


    Desert Song (Retro Active) – 1st solo Phil, 2nd Steve
    Fractured Love (Retro Active) – Steve main, Phil ride out
    Ride Into The Sun (1993 remix Retro Active) – Phil
    Ring Of Fire – Phil main, Steve ride out
    I Wanna Be Your Hero – Steve
    When Love And Hate Collide (demo) – Steve
    Photograph (live) – Phil main, Steve ride out
    Travelin’ Band (live) – Steve does main solo, then it’s back and forth, Phil, Steve, Phil, Steve, Phil, Steve, then Steve, Phil
    Lady Strange (live – On Through The Night tour) – Steve 1st solo, Pete 2nd