CLARK O’MAINA: All content on this page is taken from the official UK Pyromania tour programme
Steve Clark 1983


ere we have a look at the Steve Clark section of the original 1983 Pyromania “Rock Till We Drop” UK Tour programme

Would like to be reincarnated as Jimmy Page… Has been known to play his best shows while drinking a whole case of Carling Black Label… Will probably be reincarnated as a brewer… Can be counted on to make quick, clear-headed decisions about the future of Def Leppard… Can be counted on to make even quicker decisions about which pub we all go to…

Easily is the most talented songwriter in Def Leppard… Doesn’t get much fan mail, though… Cannot believe he has gotten this far without anyone catching on… Neither can we… Good guitar player, maybe the best Sheffield has ever produced… Can you name any other guitarists from Sheffield? We can’t…

Seriously, Steve feels that Def Leppard has yet to their full potential… We agree and feel the same way about Steve.

All photographs on this page by Ross Halfin with kind permission